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MacBook Water Spills and Liquid Damage Repair by Apple Certified Mac Technicians: Spilled water, beer, wine, coffee, soda, juice or any other liquid into your MacBook Air or Pro keyboard?


Bring your MacBook in ASAP so we may disassemble, clean and dry it as quickly as possible. Call for directions, or to speak with one of our award winning Apple Certified Mac Technicians 707-664-0400. 

Regardless of the volume or type of liquid spilled, chances are very good that we can repair your

MacBook or MacBook Pro for much less than the cost of a new or refurbished comparable MacBook, and a fraction of the cost Apple might charge. Total repairs, for a fully repaired MacBook are often less than $299.


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Time is of the essence! Call our liquid damage 

experts for help now: 707-664-0400 

99% of the time we can save all your photos, documents, music and financial records -

for $99 in as quickly as one day.

Even if you aren’t backed up, chances are very good that we can rescue all your data, even if the liquid spill occurred weeks or even months ago.  

  1. -Unplug & shutdown your MacBook immediately

  2. -Disconnect devices connected to your MacBook.

  3. -If liquid was spilled in through the keyboard, place the open MacBook, open, keyboard facedown on a towel with the top/display portion hanging over the edge of the table

  4. -If you know how to remove the battery, remove it. 

  5. -Do not attempt to re-start/boot your MacBook!

  6. -Call for help: 707-664-0400

Our Apple Certified Mac Repair Technicians in Santa Rosa, CA are available to repair your liquid damaged MacBook Pro 707-664-0400

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Question: I just spilled a glass of wine in my MacBook Pro! Should I put it in a bag of rice?

The MacBook in the photo to the left was put into a bag of rice immediately after a wine spill. The turquoise color is the corrosion we found inside. The rice may have helped to dry the MacBook more quickly, but it can’t remove the acids and sugars, and rice won’t dry the MacBook quickly enough to prevent damage to delicate circuitry, especially when accompanied by the electrical current from the battery. Rice won’t likely do further damage, unless it delays proper disassembly and cleaning. We’ve had a number of clients over the 17 years we’ve been repairing liquid damaged Macs, who were able to restart their MacBook pros or MacBook Air after a liquid spill and rice, but the success is short-lived. Sugary acidic liquids such as juice, wine, beer, coke or other sweetened sodas and carbonated beverages, but even with water spills, the minerals and impurities in the water will cause corrosion and damage over time.

MacBook Corrosion After Customer Tried Bag of Rice

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