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        Why Choose Our Apple Certified Mac Technicians Mac Repair and Data Recovery in Santa Rosa, CA? 

Perfect A+ Rating BBB consistently over 17 years of service on 30,000 Computers & Hard Drives

Low Rates: Hard Drive Data Recovery averages 50% less than other data recovery shops

Our repairs often cost a fraction of manufacturers and other data recovery shops.

Another data recovery company estimated $2500-$3500 and two weeks’ turnaround time to get my data.  

Data Recovery Petaluma recovered ALL my data the same day, at a fraction of the cost. Fast, professional, and efficient.

~ Tyler Kuhlman, TV50, Santa Rosa

Faster Turnaround: Most data retrieval completed in 24 - 48 hours

Less than 20% of data retrieval requires expensive, mechanical, invasive recovery in a clean room

But most shops charge clean room prices just the same!

No Hidden Fees or Non-Refundable Deposit

At Data Recovery Petaluma, CA you’ll pay nothing till your data is recovered!

Three Data Recovery Specialists - including a programmer to write customized tools to recover your data!

Free Parking, Steps-from-the-Lobby: We'll carry in your equipment too!

We have multiple Apple Certified Mac Technician & Windows experts : you aren’t trusting your important data to a one-tech shop

We’ve been recovering data for 15+ years, and have the combined experience of 40 years in the business.

Our fully identified testimonies from Pixar, Medtronic and Whole Foods speak for themselves.

No Appointment Necessary: Just walk right in and talk with an expert

Most parts for repairs (even obscure ones) in stock: 

With 15 years under our belt, we've stocked plenty of parts

so you'll get a better price & faster turnaround.

Our Hard Drives come with the best manufacturer warranties in the industry

With 17 years working with manufacturers, they take great care of us & our clients!

Our RAM comes with a Lifetime Warranty and FREE installation

We sell the same MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro RAM as the Apple Store,

but rather than a one year warranty, ours is warrantied for life.

Convenient Ship in Service

Hard Drive Replacement & Data Recovery Services Santa Rosa, CA  707-664-0400

iMac MacBook Boots to Gray or Blue Screen Repair Santa Rosa CA

Mac Repair Santa Rosa

Mac Repair for Blue, Gray or White Screen,

Santa Rosa CA

by Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians


FREE Evaluation, FREE Estimate

iMac Starts up to Blue, White or Gray Screen Repair

MacBook Pro, Air or iMac Boots up to Blue Gray White Screen

Mac OSX 10 starting up to Blue White or Gray Screen

Boots to Blank MacBook Display

iMac or MacBook Hangs at Apple at Start Up

Won’t start or boot - Clicking Noise - Freezing - Crashing

MacBook Hard Drive, iMac, Mac Mini

SD, Compact Flash, USB Memory Recovery

Documents, Photos, Music, Movies, Email Recovery

Start up disk is full message

Apple Certified Mac Technicians Santa Rosa, CA

Four expert data recovery specialists

Data Recovery Programmer On Staff for Customized Recovery of Your Precious Data, Photos & Music

Mac Repair Santa Rosa, CA

Mac boots to Gray Blue Screen Repair Santa Rosa CA-Mac Repair-Apple Certified Mac Technicians-recommended by Apple Store Santa Rosa - Free Diagnosis - Yelp Loves Us!

Booting up to a blue or gray screen or white screen with circle and slash?

This is often a simple repair that can be done quickly and with minimal cost. Call our Apple Certified Mac Technicians: 707-664-0400 about our free diagnosis & assessment.

Starting up to a blue or gray screen can be caused by software issues, such as system directory damage, or when your mac can’t find the system software it needs to complete the start up process.

To reduce the risk of data loss, shut down your computer by pushing

the power button and holding it in for 10 seconds, or until it powers off.

Bring in any data you have backed up onto an external hard drive (time capsule, time machine, flash drive, thumb drive, data backed up on DVDs or CDs, or other data back up.

Is the blue or gray screen accompanied by a clicking sound?

Clicking typically indicates a hard drive that is damaged, failing or partially failing due to bad blocks or other mechanical problems.

Starts up to Blue or Gray Screen on iMac, MacBook Air, Mini Mac OS X. We hear these words regularly from mac users:

My iMac starts up to a blue screen, My MacBook boots to a gray screen. What does it mean when mac is starting up to a gray screen in Mac OS 10? The genius at the Apple Store in Santa Rosa recommended I go to an Apple Certified Mac Technician for Mac Repair. I get a flashing question mark, or spinning wheel, I can’t access my data, photos, music, quickbooks, word documents. My Mac isn’t booting up all the way.”

The Apple Store geniuses in Santa Rosa and Corte Madera refer mac owners to our shop for expert repair and data recovery, and hard drive upgrades, replacements, and data transfers, at a fraction of the cost.

We offer the fastest data recovery in Sonoma County by the most experienced group of Apple Certified Mac Technicians in the Santa Rosa area.

If you have data that isn’t backed up, shutdown your mac, and bring it to the shop right away. Bring in any data you have backed up onto an external hard drive (time capsule, time machine, flash drive, thumb drive, data backed up on DVDs or CDs, or other data back up.

Our four full time Apple Certified Mac Technicians and Mac Repair Specialists have a combined total of more than 40 years experience! We can recover your data when others can not. We have a programmer on staff to create individually customized tools, specifically for your data recovery needs -for the best chance of data recovery of your precious data on the hard drive on your MacBook, iMac, PC, external hard drive, time machine, time capsule, LaCie, Seagate, Western Digital, Flashdrive, Camera card, SD, USB Thumb Drive or other digital media storage device.


Free Diagnosis 

We’re here to help!

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iMac or Macbook Pro starts up to Gray Screen, Blue Screen or White Screen with Apple logo, flashing question mark, or circle with slash?

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