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The MacAdvantage, Inc.

1549 Magnolia Ave.

Rohnert Park, CA 94928


If large enough to be included in the survey, MacAdvantage would be at the top of the Forbes 100 Best Places To Work list. ~ Brandon Auch, Tech, 2007

This is a dream job, one that most kids my age won’t get for years . . . if ever at all! I'm always being provided with the tools I need to be successful here, and for the rest of my life. ~ Rachel Wheeler, Office Manager, 2005

Our clients are our friends and our team members are our family. New & changing technology keeps our work exciting. Sharing with our friends and family gives me great satisfaction. ~ Tam Nguyen, Tech, 1997

The work ethic, initiative, skill & creativity of each team member inspires me to find new ways to make working at MacAdvantage even more rewarding & fun for all of us. ~ Laurelai Barton Nguyen, HR & Marketing, 1997

MacAdvantage has all the elements conducive to a productive work environment. I feel very supported by my co-workers. Everyone is extremely friendly, positive & helpful. The flexible work hours allow me to focus on on achieving my goals related to school, travel and volunteer work. ~ Michelle Brown, Personal Assistant, 2008

I really like the close relationships we have with customers. We have a very professional work environment full of kindness & respect where everything makes perfect sense. I like having a lot of responsibility & being challenged to be my best. ~ Lyndsay Ward, Customer Service, 2011

The MacAdvantage is a great place to work. All of us truly care about each other and do all we can to make our customers’ lives easier in every way we can. I love working where all my talents, skills & strengths are being utilized and where I feel appreciated for the work I do. ~ Rose Clark , Executive Assistant, 2008

I love the respect that everyone holds for each other. I feel valued & blessed to be a part of MacAdvantage. The environment is fantastic. MacAdvantage has a professional, organized, efficient & environmentally friendly culture. Everyone is cordial, cheerful & very respectful.  I love being part of a team working towards a common goal. It's really wonderful. ~ Sarah Mathiasen, Personal Assistant, 2008

Everyone is genuinely nice at MacAdvantage. Tam & Laurelai are admirable in all respects - understanding, patient and great supervisors. I like that my role at MacAdvantage has real purpose. ~ Joshua Gutierrez, Personal Assistant, 2014

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