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Saving your data after water damage, at MacAdvantage is $99 or less, 99% of the time! 

Data Recovery after MacBook Water Spills and Liquid Damage Repair by Apple Certified Mac Technicians: Spilled water, beer, wine, coffee, soda, juice or any other liquid into your MacBook Air or Pro keyboard? Sonoma County data savers data retrieval for Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol. Sonoma County’s premier Liquid Damage Data Recovery Shop  ~  Since 1997.


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Saving your data after water damage, is

$99 or less, at least 99% of the time!

Call our liquid damage experts for help now:                                                       


How can MacAdvantage recover your data for a fraction of what other data recovery shops charge?

We don’t charge for services you don’t need! Hard drive data recovery savers with clean rooms usually have a minimum data retrieval fee of $700 or more, even if it takes only an hour or less to save, recover, transfer or clone your data after liquid spill,

and even if they have no need to use the clean room!

Clean rooms are only needed when sealed hard drives have to be opened. When liquid has damaged the computer, there is no need to open the hard drive! We have the expertise to recover your data without your having to pay the unnecessary expense of opening the hard drive where your precious data is stored!

We can normally recover your data ($99) within 1-3 days (even faster emergency rush service available) and repair your computer for considerably less than the $700 most liquid damage hard drive data saver services charge just to recover your data (and return your broken computer to you). At MacAdvantage,  you’ll have a fully restored MacBook Pro, or Air, with all data intact, just as it was prior to the spill, most often for $300.

Regardless of the volume or type of liquid spilled, your data is recoverable and transferable, whether or not you opt to repair your liquid damaged computer.

If you do opt to not only recover the data, but to improve the chances of repairing your computer completely follow these simple steps:

- Shutdown MacBook to prevent further damage. 

  1. -Disconnect devices connected to your MacBook.

  2. -If liquid was spilled in through the keyboard, place the MacBook, open, keyboard facedown on a towel.

  3. -If you know how to remove the battery, remove it. 

Call one of the data recovery experts on our team of Apple Certified Macintosh Techs and Programmers


Repairing your water damaged MacBook or MacBook Pro will normally be much less expensive than the cost of a new or refurbished comparable MacBook. Liquid spill repairs are a fraction of the cost Apple might charge. At MacAdvantage, the cost is often less than $300 for the entire repair, including data recovery.

If data recovery only is requested, the cost is $99 or less.

Immediately shut down your computer and disconnect any devices or power cords. If you know how to remove the battery, remove it right away too.

Call our liquid damage data recovery experts right away!

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I still can’t believe you retrieved all the data for $89 in one day, and over two weeks after the coffee spill! Other mac repair labs and data recovery savers in Santa Rosa and Marin County quoted $700 - $1000’s!  ~ Aja Dizon, Paris, France more data recovery reviews

Yelp Review: Two Other Santa Rosa Mac Repair Shops Could Not Do What MacAdvantage Did! After having a major meltdown with my MacBook Pro, I had gone to several places searching for someone to help. I had spilt water on my laptop in the evening and did not find this out unfortunately until the next morning. The first place I took it to cleaned it up, it worked while it was plugged in, but the battery itself was dead and screen had some water damage. After a few days, the screen completely died leaving me in panic over all my data. When I took it back to the first place they didn't have much to say besides having to pay quite a bit to replace the screen so then I went to Best Buy in Santa Rosa for a quote from Geeksquad and that was an even higher quote. I just wanted my data at this point, luckily the Best Buy Geeks suggested I take it to Mac Advantage and I can happily say they saved my butt! Tam was awesome, provided me a hard drive to purchase and was able to get all my info! On top of that, he was able to get my computer to function hooked up to an external display which he walked me through how to do and what I would need. When I had asked other places they had said it wasn't able to work like that, so I am beyond happy to have my data and the excellent service and help Tam and his group provided! Any future issues I will be taking my computer to them! ~ Katharine B, Petaluma

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