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Fully Identified Five Star Reviews You Can Trust from Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Psychologists, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists and Others in the Healthcare and Medical Fields

The experience, short and sweet, couldn't have been better. I appreciate the service and honesty and will be back. ~ Dr. David Lawrence, M.D., Physician,

Geyserville, CA

I am still so happy with the work you did on my computer last week. I have been mentioning my experience to friends as I've seen them since last week.  Half of them already knew about you and also sang your praises.  What good news for us all! ~ Nancy Feehan, Therapist, Cazadero, CA

Tam, as well as others in the office, is very patient. ~ Dr. Tom Miles, MD and Margot Miles, RN Emergency Room, Santa Rosa, CA

I was totally pleased with everything from initial response, to availability before normal business hours, early pick up/completion, price of repair and parts… I will most definitely be back for any of my mac needs and will refer anyone your way when asked…I don’t post on yelp but if I did I’d give you all 5 stars. thanks for everything.      ~ Dr Jennifer Weiss, Osteopathic Physician, Santa Rosa, CA

I don’t know what I would do without you guys! ~ Theo Vermont, Psychiatrist, ret., Santa Rosa, CA

MacAdvantage is the best find ever! Brandon and Tam are the only experts I trust with my many Apple products.Their expertise is tops, not to mention their efficiency and kindness as human beings. I send everyone I love to this business since I know they'll be taken care of beautifully.The entire staff has the rare combination of professionalism, extreme talent and true caring for their clients. Thank you, Laurelai, and thanks again to you and Tam for the lightning speed turnaround with my computer! I so appreciate it. ~ Dr. Shoshana Bennet Ph.D., Clinical Psychology Medical Consultant, Laguna Woods, CA

In an era where customer service is seriously lacking in many businesses…

it’s just the opposite with Tam and MacAdvantage. I have always been 100% satisfied.Tam, Thank you for your patience, knowledge and calmness. Actually makes learning new things on the computer fun! ~ Bonney Meyer, R.N., Life Coach, Educator & Author, Sebastopol, CA

Tam has always come through for me when I have had Mac related issues. He and his staff are just wonderful. Whether it has been an upgrade or a hiccup, the team at Mac Advantage are extremely competent and will get the job done on time and perfect every time. They are also very friendly. ~ Cathy Harper, RN, Case Manager, Sutter Care at Home, EFT Practitioner

I always recommend Mac Advantage to my MAC friends and associates.he MacAdvantage . . . our mac genius! ~ Casandra Silverek, Medtronic, Inc.

MacAdvantage . . . Zen & the Art of Macintosh Maintenance. ~ Elaine Olson, Production Lead, Marketing, Medtronic, Inc.

I love the MacAdvantage, Laurelai & Tam are wonderful people who respond sincerely & quickly when their help is needed. Tam has been fixing our problems for 8 or 9 years now. (Yikes is this correct?) He has watched our kids grow up and us become more competent. He is gracious and kind . . . I cannot praise them enough. I don’t look forward to problems with my computer, but I am always so happy to talk to them and it always gets fixed. Thank you. ~ Susan Shaw & Dr. Tom Crane, M. D., Sebastopol, CA

After moving to Oregon, some things are irreplaceable and one is Tam ~ Dr. Jim Levie, Dermatologist & Cheryl Levie, Levie Properties, Ashland, Oregon

Everyone was very helpful and I am very satisfied with the service I don’t care how it works I just want it to work. . ~ Ann Ecklund, Dept of Health, Medical Secretary, Rohnert Park, CA

Thanks, that was a BIG help! ~ Jim Shere, MFC, MA, Clinical Psychology, Santa Rosa, CA

I appreciate the prompt service! I was in a bind - having this presentation today. Really appreciate it. I have always had excellent service from you.

Knowing you’re here is golden. ~ Dr. Brien Seeley M.D., Ophthalmology and

Mrs. Anne Seeley, Santa Rosa, CA

Thanks to Tam for a professional & enjoyable service. ~ William Emerson, PH.D., Emerson Training Seminars, Pre & Perinatal Psychology, Petaluma, CA

Thanks again for the prompt service! :)  Everyone is always great here.

~ Julie Samay, Perfusionist, Santa Rosa, CA

You are the best! Fast, expert computer support, no problem. ~ Dr. Bill Prange, Acupuncturist, LAC, Sebastopol, CA

I have been bringing my computer to Tam for several years. I have never received anything less than impeccable, friendly service. ~ Marcy Baskin, Patient Navigator, Penngrove, CA

Thank you so so much! I really appreciate all the time you have spent with me! ~ Rachel Pandolfi, Sonoma County Medical Association, Petaluma, CA

All Hail The MacAdvantage!   They are Mac repair wizards, and are prompt, considerate, communicate extremely well, and have great customer service.  They are the people I would trust for data recovery, and are so nice that I don't mind when my Mac is in need of repair because it's such a pleasant experience.

~ Elisabeth Sherman, LAC, Optimal Health Acupuncture, Sebastopol, CA

Tam is over the top with courteous service. Actually, everyone at MacAdvantage is great! I very much appreciate the kindness and help I receive each time I bring a job to you. AWESOME!!!! ~ Karen Barch, Office Manager, Brien Seely Opthalmology, Valerie Garden Opthalmology, Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you! I appreciate you doing the repair so quickly. Thank you so much!

~ Alicia Nourse, MFT, Occidental, CA

Thanks for your good work! ~ Joop Delahaye, PT, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Petaluma, CA

Thanks for doing such an awesome job! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it! ~ Hasso Wittboldt-Mueller, Clinical Nutritionist & Kinesiologist, Fairfax, CA

I’m so thrilled with what Tam did, I could cry. I’m so grateful. He has such calm assured energy. The whole place has such a feeling of kindness. ~ Dianna Couloumbe, Healthy Solutions, Santa Rosa, CA

Tam and Brandon are both "ROCKSTARS". Tam was so patient with me on the phone while I was having 2 different conversations one with the bookkeeper about the computer along with Tam on the phone at the same time.  Brandon also rocks he comes in as we are all running around the office trying to work and he just slips in and does his job no fuss no muss.  We are truly great full to have you guys just a phone call way. ~ Carrie Battin, Hill Park Medical Center, Petaluma, CA

I'm thrilled to have found you - I'm recommending you to all my Mac buddies, and I'm certain I'll be back myself sometime in the future. Thanks. ~ Helen E. Wilbur, Ph.D. Medical Psychology, Guerneville, CA

Tam Nguyen was polite, professional, and most of all helpful. I have no idea how the excellent experience I had at Mac Advantage could be improved.  Really.  I will be back! Tam gave advice without the expectation of immediate compensation, which is what brought me back. I liked that Tam's didn't just fix what I came in for.  He also gave me information that made the process more comprehensible to me.  Furthermore, and this was HUGE, he cleaned the keyboard and screen of my computer!!!  I cannot imagine that happening elsewhere! The emphasis at other shops is always on getting me out as quickly as possible so the technician can get on to the next appointment.  The Apple Store's price for the OS X upgrade was over four times what Tam charged.  ~ Dr. John Omaha Ph.D., John Omaha Enterprises, Santa Rosa, CA

I will go on Facebook, yelp, and now Go Local and talk you up like I do everytime!  ~ Janet Patterson, R.N., Cotati, CA

Tam was extremely helpful with his assessment and recommendations.

Once I replace the hard drive, I plan to make an appointment with Tam to help with a patch for my Quicken 2007, and upgrade for my operating system.

It's a relief to know that such talent exists in Sonoma County. ~ Anne Hosfeld, Administrator, Novato Community Hospital, Petaluma, CA

Your response to my calls for computer help have always been immediate and efficient. I trust your integrity and computer wisdom, and appreciate your grounded patience with my lack of computer knowledge. ~ Sylvia Marie, MSW, LCSW, Earthlight Healing - ThetaHealing®, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Breathwork, Meditation, Zero Balancing®, Plant Spirit Medicine, and Aikido Principles

Tam resolved everything. It’s just magical. Lovely. Thank you! ~ Darlene Kersnar, RN, Palm Drive Hospital, Sebastopol, CA

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