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Mac Repair by Apple Certified Mac Technicians in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol and Rohnert Park, CA

Mac Advantage covers all the bases of great customer service far and above other IT companies. Tam always teaches us a little something when he's servicing our computers and network and you can tell he loves his work! Everyone at Mac Advantage I've spoke with has that same calm, easy going, helpful attitude that's so appreciated.  ~ Maiya Amar Champa, Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc., Publisher of The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills, San Rafael, Marin County, CA

I'm extremely grateful for all your help with our computer issues. Thank you thank you! ~ Janet Mills, Writer and Publisher, Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc., San Rafael, Marin County, CA

Is there anything more terrifying than having your Mac computer die? Yes, everything was backed up. But I couldn't lose days of work to repair time. Well, if this happens to you and you're up north of San Francisco in Sonoma County, call Mac Advantage. SUCH calm, thorough folks. They went the extra mile. Replaced the hard drive and ported over the DATA and even re-authorized some of the really difficult software like Adobe Creative Suite. Basically I was plug-and-play by the end of the day. I can't recommend them enough and I have no connection to the owners. I'm just a gal who had a happy outcome with her computer. ~ Amanda Mctigue, Writer, Stage Director, Creative Consultant, Performance Coach, Petaluma, Sonoma County, CA

The service I received was excellent. I walked in knowing nothing about wi fi and walked out not only knowing about it but knowing how to hook it up. The whole thing was easy & enjoyable! Thank you so much for your patience and your help. I have already recommended you to 2 friends.  ~ Joan Brady, Poet & Playwright, Sonoma, CA

You guys (and gals) are great!  Efficient, courteous, local, all good stuff.  Tam teaches me, too, seems to want me to be as self-sufficient as possible.  And I love the mellowness…I'm often frantic when I call, so having a team listen and fix problems in a quick yet calm way is wonderful.  I don't feel taken advantage of, even it you are MacAdvantage! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ~ Sharon Bard, Writer, Santa Rosa, CA

It is so great when I can call; someone actually answers the phone, and gives me help right when I need it! You guys are great! ~ Sharon Brooks, Freelance Writer/Designer, St Helena, CA

You guys are great.  Service has always been the very best.  I can't think of one thing I could suggest for improvement, except to move closer to Sebastopol! Thanks so much for taking good care of me! – Nancy Bauer, Writer (Wildlife habitat), Sebastopol, CA

I was absolutely delighted to find out about Mac Advantage, and my problem was solved perfectly.

~ Prue Draper, Founder, Cotati Historical Society, Former Publisher of the Cotatian, and 2013 Woman of the Year for the California 3rd Senate District

Wonderful. Just Perfect! ~Jack McCurdy, Freelance Writer, Petaluma, CA

There are no words to thank you for whom and what you are, but the world is a better place because you are in it. Tam is the only one I really trust with my Mac. ~ Char Huxtable, Writer and Musician

I appreciate your expertise! I shall pass the word. Mac Advantage rules! ~ Lanny Cotler, Filmmaker, Writer, Teacher

Fantastic! MacAdvantage goes above & beyond. Exceptional service. A company worth celebrating. Rarely do I plug a company on air unless they're truly exceptional. A great Sonoma County company. ~ Marcy Smothers, Broadcaster and Writer of: SNACKS: Adventures in Food, Aisle by Aisle

I really appreciate the tremendous service, as always. And it was fun catching up with Tam, on each other's lives.  ~ Marcy Smothers, Writer, Kingdom of Good Eating: Celebrating the Food and Culinary History of Disneyland

As usual, my recent experience with Tam and his team was great.  And they're in the neighborhood!  Got all my computer and Kindle problems solved in one easy visit.   ~ E. E. (Evelyn) Smith, Author

They're worth their weight in RAM. A small, caring, highly competent outfit - just what you need when you’ve got trouble with your Mac. They’re very good, thoughtful communicators, great at explaining things and very patient with those of us who are not technically gifted. You can drop off computers for service, get telephone advice, or get help onsite. You wont be throwing money away when you hire MacAdvantage. Plus, they're just enjoyable to interact with, really. ~ Laura McHale Holland, Writer, Playwright, Rohnert Park, CA

I cannot recommend a company more highly than I recommend Mac Advantage.  I've used them for a number of years, from fairly technical problems to the laughably simple. (I'm pretty ignorant about computers.) In every case they solved my problem, and did so kindly, efficiently, and leaving me feeling enriched by my encounter with them.  Good people doing good work. ~ Gus diZerega, Writer

I thought you all as usual were very helpful and friendly—you really take time to talk with me and explain things. I think you've been helping me out with Macs for at least ten years. ~ Patti Trimble, Writer, Mediterranean Center for Art and Science, Arcadia University, Siracusa, Sicily

I appreciate this very, very much. You are wonderful. I could tell Tam and MacAdvantage had excellent ethics when I saw the great response to a Yelp reviewer!  ~ Don Rosenfield, Copywriter, Rosenfield Creative,  Sausalito, CA

And I appreciate your expertise! I shall pass the word. Mac Advantage rules! ~ Lanny Cotler, Filmmaker, writer, Teacher

You transferred my iPod click wheel files to my MacBook Pro, and I just wanted to say thanks and let you know all files are there--okay to recycle my old iPod now. I told you I'd let you know and I'm sorry, but it slipped my mind. Thanks again for saving my music! ~ Peter Stein, Writer, Stein Creative

Because my hard drive crashed I had to seek a company that could do quality data retrieval efficiently & quickly. The MacAdvantage met all my expectations . . . I’d recommend them to anyone. ~ Bob Scorby, Educational Author, Santa Rosa, CA

Imagine this: I am standing on a chair, arms raised and I am saying, with a big smile on my face, 'TAM, YOU ROCK!!!!" Tam is the owner of Mac Advantage and he just solved an overwhelming software problem via Remote Access. It took maybe 5 minutes. Tam, you are my hero! And I never use the word hero but it is definitely called for now. As my friend JJ Wilson says, "Tam walks on water." I have to agree with her. He is calm and calming, knowledgeable and warm. ~ Michele Anna Jordan, Prolific Cookbook Author, Award-Winning Journalist, Radio Host and Chef more wine and food industry success stories

I deeply appreciated the extra mile Tam and his colleagues went for me. They are extremely knowledgeable, yet also helped research issues for me not specifically in their stated purview. I was astonished at their incredible patience, persistence, and calm while problem solving, as I find this all too seldom in the service sector these days. ~ Kathie Schmid, Rabble-Fish Theater, Actor, Writer, Director

Having been a Mac user since The Beginning, I have always appreciated that special group that is the Mac Community.  The MacAdvantage, and the service that Tam and his crew provides, just reminds me one more time why I love Macs.  Over the years, Tam has helped me migrate from a way older Mac to a more recent Mac, has very economically saved my daughter's iBook from what others were certain was The End, and has most recently helped me purchase and configure a new iMac at a very reasonable price.  The business is always a pleasure to visit, and the service is always 360 degrees and personal.  And for those of you who are not yet Mac users, Tam and The MacAdvantage are just more reasons for you to join the Mac Community.  It is a privilege to have this service in the North Bay, and I would do business with The MacAdvantage by mail from wherever I lived. ~ Michael Meyer, Senior Technical Writer, Cisco Systems

Great service. Nice people. Superior expertise. I was surprised and delighted by the experience. I like how you do things - the contact card link made it very easy to add to my contacts. I’m very happy to have found you. We live in Pt. Reyes and spoke with two other shops before Tam. When I spoke with Tam, I decided to come to MacAdv. The vibe was much better.  I very much appreciate the extra time you took to help me.. ~ Robert Steinberg, Journalist, ABC Network, ret., Point Reyes, CA

Thank you Tam & Crew for teaching me how to put things in recovery mode and the importance of backing up with Time Machine when you worked on my MacBook awhile back-it definitely helped this week!  ~ Catherine Herrod, Writer, Teacher & Anti-Bullying Advocate

In an era where customer service is seriously lacking in many businesses…

it’s just the opposite with Tam and MacAdvantage. I have always been 100% satisfied.Tam, Thank you for your patience, knowledge and calmness. Actually makes learning new things on the computer fun!  ~ Bonney Meyer, R.N., Life Coach, Educator & Author, Sebastopol, CA

Tam is so talented and so wonderful. He recovered a book I was writing a long time ago - historical fiction, 17th century colonial America - that was later published. ~ Elizabeth Kern, Writer, Historical Fiction, Petaluma, CA

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