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There is a reason Tam and company keep getting 5-star reviews. I brought them   my IMac hard drive (found to be faulty at the Apple store) and Tam was able to recover ALL the data from it! Also, it was on time and spot on our original estimate. Mac Advantage is now our "go-to" people when mac problems arise. I could not recommend them more highly. ~ Capt. Glenn M, Virgin America, Yelp

Professional, pleasant help is always appreciated. It often sets one above the competition. I make a living helping customers with technical issues and know the difference it makes when people are happy and knowledgeable. I will recommend you for MAC help. ~ Hank Hilsmann, Field Technical Representative, Dassault Falcon Jets 

There are not enough superlatives to describe how satisfied I have been with my experiences with MacAdvantage.  I have had two occasions to use your service and have been totally satisfied both times. There is nothing I can suggest to enhance my experience with you except to tell you not to change anything. Thanks again for your fine service. ~ Captain Gary Davis, Pilot, Bombardier Challenger

My experience with you guys was great. The fact that Tam looked at my computer right away so that I didn't have to make a second trip was super. ~ Bernie Dahlen, Flight Officer, United Airlines

Tam continues to help our business grow and is invaluable to have close by when when needed! Very professional and timely. ~ Steven D. Price, Pilot & Aircraft Owner, CEO/Founder, PRICE & MULVIHILL INVESTIGATIONS, INC., Healdsburg

Thank you for being so expert and helpful when we need help! I was in a bind - having this presentation today. . . Really appreciate it. I have always had excellent service from you. Knowing you’re here is golden. ~ Brien A. Seeley, President, Cafe Foundation - Personal Aircraft Technologies - Race to the Future Aviation

Thanks a million, Tam It is always a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your honest assessment of repairing vs buying new. You will see us again!  ~ Peter Gordon, Pilot & Aircraft Owner, President, Kolunga Village Foundation, Yorkville, CA

Tam Nguyen gets my highest praise for honesty and fine workmanship! He is absolutely a joy to interact with and the excellence of his work speaks for itself. Last year, I had another shop in Santa Rosa replace the hard drive in my MacBook Pro and had nothing but problems even after repeated call backs. After months of major difficulties I took my computer to Mac Advantage, whereupon the problems were diagnosed, hardware was repaired, a new system installed and now it's operating even better than when it was new! ~ Jim Thiessen, Pilot, Flight Instructor, Aviator

Both the Apple Store in Santa Rosa and the aircraft mechanic at the Petaluma Airport recommended Tam for aviation apps support and iPad repair. As a pilot himself, Tam is uniquely qualified to help with aviation applications and related iPad issues. He offers remote support for both my iPad & MacBook, so he’s there to help wherever in the world I happen to be. Then, whenever I’m in Sonoma County, I stop by the shop for a hardware tune up. With a growing staff of Apple Certified Mac Technicians - several of them with more than 15 years experience as mac techs - there’s not a problem they can’t fix - quickly, superbly and economically too. ~ Aja Dizon, Pilot, Paris, France and Healdsburg, CA

Computer works well, service was great! Thanks again for your time and consideration. ~ Greg Buettner, Aviation Marketing, Altitude Zero

I have done business with Tam. I vouch for him. Tam owns MacAdvantage. He is an Apple consultant, an Apple repair specialist, a photographer, a licensed pilot, and a decent, pleasant, straightforward man with integrity who believes in providing excellent customer service at reasonable prices. He can service you anywhere in the world, remotely, if you have access to the Internet. ~ Peter Mancus, Attorney & Military Aircraft Photographer, Cloud 9 Photography

I've moved to Sonoma County within the last two years. I have always taken my MAC's for upgrades to either Apple, done it myself, or used a variety of MAC repair shops in other areas where I have lived throughout the US. My experiences have always been great, but the MAC Advantage stands out - skilled, timely, friendly, cost competitive. And at MAC Advantage, there was just a great Karma, and Feng Shui that characterizes this business. These guys are just the best. Thanks Tam, you are a special guy. ~ David Hopkins, GA Pilot, Entreperneur, Glen Ellen, CA

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