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Great service under fire. They went the extra mile to save two drives full of (original) music! If disaster strikes, I know where to turn! ~ Jonathan Chi, Musician, Mickey Hart’s In the Pocket Studios   Click for more data recovery reviews

We don’t need anything besides Tam’s expertise ~ David Schools, Musician,  Widespread Panic, Sebastopol, CA

My computers are singing right now! File sharing is working perfectly.

All is good on the home front! ~ Robert Taylor, Production Manager, Grateful Dead

At this point in life, in addition to quality service, I seek to patronize companies & people who are kind in nature. Thanks for both. ~ Paul Lamb, Recording Engineer, Forestville, CA

As always the service and personnel were impeccable.

Tam saved my data  - yay! ~ Blair Hardman, Zone Recording, Cotati, CA

Thanks for the excellent service. You guys rock and I'm glad you're enjoying the CD, I will surely pass on the good words about you guys and recommend y'all to anyone in need on Mac help. ~ Matt “Frankie” Vrankovich, Singer Songwriter, Frankie Boots and The County Line, Sebastopol, CA

Back at you a big THANK YOU for expediting my Macbook Pro. So, so glad to have it back this weekend to work with and on. You guys are the best!  ~ Tim Dueñas, Musicia: Piano, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Santa Rosa, CA

What a great biz!  No complaints, no problems, just speedy and reliable service, two times now!  I trust you guys for all my future Mac needs! ~ Jack Conte, Musician, Rohnert Park, CA

Thank you all so much, I got exactly what I wanted. ~ Jesse Shantor, Saxophonist, The Dixie Giants; Tubist, Singer, Founder, Church Marching Band, Santa Rosa, CA

Just calling to say everything is working great & to say again how much I appreciate Tam for all his help diagnosing without charging. Please thank him again! ~ Randy Phillippe, Catsville Recording, San Rafael, CA

Thanks for taking all the information. You’re very professional! I appreciate it. ~ Andrew Mastroni & Mark Rennick, Prairie Sun Recording, Cotati, CA

My experience with MacAdvantage was excellent and I would compare it favorably to the best instances of technical support I have experienced with other companies (automotive, etc); particularly in those instances where minimizing my costs was valued over maximizing the service company's profits, even though my ignorance of the technology left me vulnerable. I highly value this kind of professional honesty and will confidently recommend and use MacAdvantage for Mac repair and service ~ Matthew Wright, Prairie Sun Recording Studios, Cotati, CA

I cannot thank you enough for your amazing generosity and help with my computer problems! I felt so lost and defeated and didn't know what to do. I definitely will refer you to everybody I know and please remember that you have lots of credit with me for voice or beginning guitar lessons!! Thanks again Tam! All the best!  Gailene Elliot, Loud and Clear Music, Cotati, CA

My iMac is running good as new. Please thank Marissa for her repair work, and Tam for his quick follow up for my login problem. If any issues arise, I’ll certainly contact you with confidence that MacAdvantage can solve them.  ~ Bernard Chevalier, Violinist, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra; Music Teacher, Bernard Chevalier’s Music Studio, Santa Rosa, CA

Laurelai . . . so kind & patient. More people like you would be a great start to a beautiful world. ~ Tracy Rose, Tracy Rose Drums, Petaluma, CA

Thank you for your assistance with out new Pro Tools Recording & Editing Studio. Our first classes begin on Feb. 20th and it wouldn’t have happened without your help. Your knowledge of Mac Products and your overall professionalism is second to none. Mac Advantage supplied the technical expertise that allowed us to use these computers with the Pro Tools equipment. ~ Jeff Green, Comstock Middle School, Santa Rosa, CA

The turn around time from my initial inquiry to the delivery of my new operating system was less than 48 hours.  Convenient location, easy to park, much less stressful than braving the Santa Rosa Plaza mall ~ Roxanne Oliva, Accordion Musician

One service with you & it’s better than it ever has been! Many other techs over three years of trying never got it this good. ~ George Moskoff, Musician, Community Building, Sebastopol, CA

I love the service and the turnaround time. All persons in the company were professional and pleasant to work with. Two thumbs up for these guys. ~ Kerry Garloff, Music Services/Drummer

Thank you for many years of excellent help and service! You've been a huge help to me! ~ Carla Normand, Royal Society Jazz Orchestra

It made the process easier because Brandon understood how important keeping the time without my MacBook was for me. He ordered the parts right away and made the repairs as soon as they came in.  Keep up the great work! ~ Steve Gordon, Sequoia Records, Sebastopol CA

I’m completely satisfied. Thanks for the help. ~ George Hoffschildt, Musician, Big Band

When I meet people who are dedicated to their profession like Tam, I am reminded of all the qualities I want to embody in my own professional life. Friendly, giving, generous, honest & authentic. Each time I have contacted Mac Advantage, I was coming from a place of desperation because I rely on my computer for work and when it is down my productivity level is non-existent. Despite the rushed and stressed demeanor I brought to Tam, he maintained a calm and expert attitude which not only fixed my computer but gave me a sense of ease. ~ DJ Wayne Noel, Certified Audio and Recording Engineer

Thanks for getting back to me so promptly Tam. It is definitely faster with apps! Thank you and I will be relying on you in the future.  ~ Geoffrey Bradley, Musician - Singer Songwriter

You are the best Mac repair service I have ever experienced. Fast, thorough, honest and pleasant. What more could anyone ask for? ~ Warren Dennis Kahn, Banquet Studios, Music For Life

Bravo, Tam! Champagne is spraying everywhere! Robert was right; you are a genius! ~ Onye Onyemaechi, Founder, Village Rhythms, Unite Against Bullying, Drugs and Tobacco!

Tam has never failed me. I was working at a recording studio and had lots of original music from recording sessions. I had to get the music back. I went to SF, Marin County, the Apple Store. In the end, I spent more on gas  trying to find someone to do the recovery, than I paid Tam to get it all back! Plus, he had it ready for me the very next day. ~ Tommie James, Bad Mannaz Music

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