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Adware virus? Pop Up Windows online? Virus or Other Malware? 

Script errors? Firefox, Safari or Chrome Freezing? Calendar not working - freezing? Adware & Misdirects? MacKeeper warnings, and pop up adware Issues?

Mac Repair and Virus Removal Help Needed in Santa Rosa CA?

Can’t type in Firefox, Safari or Chrome fields? You’ve been infected pop up messages? You have a virus voice? Hijack? Tapsnake virus warning - MacKeeper Download Required Pop up? Your computer is infected pop up error message? Phony Apple or Mac support websites? Search engine changed? Apple Firewire Breach Warning?

If you have a Window like the ones below - know that it is not from Apple. Do not call or provide your credit card information or access to your mac.


       Why Choose Our Apple Certified Mac Technicians For Virus, Malware and Trojan Removal Santa Rosa, CA? 


A History of Excellence:

Perfect A+ Rating BBB consistently over 17 years of service on 30,000 Computers & Hard Drives

Low Rates: Repairs are typically 50% less than other mac repair shops

Our repairs often cost a fraction of  and other data recovery shops.

Faster Turnaround: Most repairs completed within 24 hours

Fully Identified Reviews & verifiable sources - rather than anonymous, unverifiable first-name-only reviews

See our fully identified testimonies from Pixar, Medtronic and Whole Foods

No Hidden Fees or Non-Refundable Deposit

At Data Recovery Petaluma, CA you’ll pay nothing till your data is recovered!

Free Parking, Steps-from-the-Lobby: We'll carry in your equipment too!

We have multiple Apple Certified Mac Technicians & Windows experts :

you aren’t trusting your important data & precious photos to an inexperienced one-tech shop

We’ve been recovering data for 17+ years, and have the combined experience of 40 years in the business.

Our fully identified testimonies from Pixar, Medtronic and Whole Foods speak for themselves.

No Appointment Necessary: Just walk right in and talk with an expert

Monday - Friday 930AM - 630PM - After Hours By Appointment

Most parts for repairs (even obscure ones) in stock: 

With 17 years under our belt, we've stocked plenty of parts

so you'll get a better price & faster turnaround.

Our Hard Drives come with the best manufacturer warranties in the industry

With 17 years working with manufacturers, they take great care of us & our clients!

Our RAM comes with a Lifetime Warranty and FREE installation

We sell the same MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro RAM as the Apple Store,

but rather than a one year warranty, ours is warrantied for life.

Convenient Ship in Service

MacBook Pro - iMac Pop up Ads - Virus Warnings - TapSnake Virus - Santa Rosa CA

Mac Repair Santa Rosa CA  707-664-0400 Santa Rosa Mac Repair


FREE Evaluation, FREE Estimate

1000’s of Fully Identified Reviews You Can Trust

Virus, Malware, Trojan Horse, Adware, PopUps

Script errors, Firefox, Safari, Chrome Freezing

Webpages Websites not loading or slow

Spinning wheel, rainbow wheel, wheel of death

Your computer is infected pop up error message

No Appointment Necessary

Four Apple Experts in the shop for ultra fast service

MacBook, iMac Data Recovery Santa Rosa

Mac won’t boot, Flashing Question Mark

Mac Repair Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma CA

RAM Upgrades While You Wait

DONT fall for these MacKeeper warnings:

With four Apple Genius Mac Repair Specialists in the shop, and over 40 years combined mac repair experience, we have the skill and expertise to resolve your MacBook Pro, iMac or MacBook Air virus, malware, Adware, popups or spyware issues quickly, and cost-effectively.  Call now to speak with an Apple Certified Mac Technician on our Five Star, award winning team of mac certified techs. 707-664-0400

We can help! Whether you’re dealing with the Pop-Up Ads on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or the flashback malware which exploits a security flaw in Java in order to install itself on Macs, or you’ve had a firewall warning that your computer has adware, or you can’t access a website because of a blocked plug-in, or you mac has the Downlite trojan, lps.adwingate pop-up ads virus, Genieo malware, or Comcast, Safari, Chrome or Google malware, Hotmail, Gmail hacking, or any other malicious software or application, on your MacBook Pro, Air, iMac, MacMini, “Airbook” or iPad, we’re here to help!

Often Adware and other malware is bundled within other applications a user has clicked to download. Some common sites with “free software” containing Adware are: Cnet, Softonic and other similar custom third-party installers.

When your Mac OS X is infected with malware, you will experience some of the following symptoms:

  1. 1Advertising banners appear on the web pages you visit.

  2. 2Random web page text is turned into hyperlinks.

  3. 3Browser popups appear which recommend fake updates or other software.

  4. 4Other odd symptoms, such as browser freezing, script errors when typing in Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer fields. 

  5. 5Webpages freezing, slow or otherwise functioning poorly.

Call one of our Apple Certified Mac Technicians to quickly resolve your MacBook Pro Air or iMac virus, spyware and malware issues today: 707-664-0400

I could not be more satisfied withe incredible service, consideration and caring help provided every time I have needed help from MACAdvantage.  You are wonderful. ~ Shirley Goodin, Business Consultant, ret.

Is MacKeeper Malware? Is it a scam? Does it slow down your iMac or MacBook Pro?

The MacKeeper pop up warnings and adware are at best high pressure sales tactics, and at worst highly misleading. Many callers report that when they call the numbers listed for MacKeeper, the high pressure sales model only intensifies.

Please contact us, or any other trusted mac support specialist for a second opinion, if you can’t close a webpage or window, or if you can’t get past a MacKeeper or other Malware warning window, or if you have excessive pop up ads like these: MacKeeper Download Required or Demo Version Limit Reached Install Application Now windows!

Mac Repair Santa Rosa CA

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