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Data Recovery Santa Why Choose Our Apple Certified Mac Technicians for Mac Repair in Santa Rosa? 

Perfect A+ Rating BBB: In 15 years of service on 30,000 + Macs

Fully Identified Reviews by Medtronic, Whole Foods, Pixar, Agilent, click for more

Lowest Rates: Repairs are typically 50% less than at the Apple Store 

Our repairs often cost a fraction of manufacturers and repair shops.

We keep our overhead low & pass the savings on to you!  

The repair wasn't $700 like the Apple store quoted, but $267 at MacAdvantage!

~ Vanessa Yakobovich, Kahula & Caramel Maker, Cotati, CA

Mac Repair experts at a fair price. The data transfer was $89, and no appointment was needed - not $150 like the other Mac Repair store quoted!  ~ Aja Dizon, Pilot, Paris France & Santa Rosa, CA

Faster Turnaround: Most repairs completed within 24 hours

Free Parking, Steps-from-the-Lobby: We'll carry in your equipment too!

No Appointment Necessary: Just walk right in and talk with an expert

Most parts for repairs (even obscure ones) in stock: 

With 15 years under our belt, we've stocked parts for every make & model of Mac ever made -

so you'll get a better price & faster turnaround.

Our Apple RAM comes with a Lifetime Warranty and FREE installation

We sell the same MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro RAM as the Apple Store,

but rather than a one year warranty, ours is warrantied for life.

Convenient Ship in & Remote Service:

Have your Mac expertly & efficiently serviced without ever leaving your home or office

Third Party Software Expertise:

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Light Room, FileMaker, Quicken, Microsoft Office, to name a few 

Senior Technician Tam is not only an expert technician, he has a background in photography and graphic arts, making him uniquely qualified to handle complex font & design issues that arise with Adobe, and other designer, film & photography software used by marketing departments, filmmakers, photographers & graphic artists.

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Santa Rosa Mac Repair Experts  - Remote Support from the comfort of your office

Four Technicians In House - Cumulative 40 Years Apple Computer Repair Expertise

The Apple Store Genius Bar and the Best Buy Geek Squad in Santa Rosa often refer mac users to our Mac Certified Technicians for mac repair because we offer many mac repair and Apple support services that the Apple Store genius bar does not, and the Apple store geniuses know we can often repair macs for much less than Apple charges, with the same result: a professionally repaired and expertly serviced iMac, Macbook Pro, Air, iPad or iPhone. Click to see reviews of MacAdvantage from other Mac Repair Techs

When data recovery is needed, Apple Store geniuses refer Santa Rosa customers to our top rated hardware and software specialists, because Apple Store genius techs don’t perform data recovery, or many of the other services we provide at MacAdvantage.  

If a MacBook has a wine, water, milk, tea, coke, soda or beer spill or liquid damage of any kind, Apple Store geniuses refer mac users to our talented liquid damage specialists because we can usually repair liquid damaged MacBooks at a fraction of what Apple charges for the same mac repair. Liquid damage voids the Apple Care Warranty, and moisture sensors inside make even small spills evident. While Apple typically quotes

$750 - $1200 minimum, we can often fully restore water damaged MacBook Pros or Airs, and restore the data, for less than $300.

Apple doesn’t support Macs over 5 years old. Considered “Vintage” equipment, these iMacs, MacBooks, G5 Towers, MacPro Towers are not repaired by Apple either, so again they refer to us for repair by Apple Certified Mac Technicians in our shop.

Often Apple Store geniuses recommend our Apple Certified Mac Technicians, simply because they know we can repair for a much lower price than the Apple Store, and with a faster turnaround.

The techs at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store in Santa Rosa aren’t trained in 3rd party software such as Microsoft Office for the Mac (including Word, Excel and Powerpoint) or in Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Reader) or in ProTools, Final Cut Pro X, Logic or many other applications you rely on. With photographers and graphic artists on staff, we’re well-versed in the installation of 3rd party software, and common issues Apple users have with these applications.

To become an Apple Certified Mac Technician, mac techs go through Apple’s mac certification program.  “Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) certification verifies the ability to perform basic troubleshooting and repair of both desktop and portable Macintosh systems” such as the iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacPro Tower, and Mac Mini. “ACMT certification exams emphasize identifying and resolving common Mac OS X 10 problems, and using Apple Service and Support products and practices to effectively repair Apple hardware.” The certification and exam also require

a comprehensive understanding of ESD - electrostatic discharge, and clear protocols in preventing ESD damage to Apple products and other sensitive electronic hardware, parts and components.

Being an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician does not automatically authorize a technician to work on Apple products. Most Apple Certified Mac Technicians will seek employment at an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) or Apple Store to work in an Apple authorized repair facility.

At MacAdvantage, becoming an Apple Certified Mac Technician is just the first step in acquiring the knowledge and skill to do the high quality, detailed and extensive work we’re known for among mac users throughout Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and beyond.

At MacAdvantage, you receive the benefit of 40+ cumulative years of mac tech experience. With four technicians on staff, you aren’t relying on the capabilities of a lone tech with limited training and hands on experience working as a mac technician.

To become an expert at mac repair, our certified mac techs continue their professional development through intensive ongoing training via advanced mac repair classes and mentoring with our expert mac technicians.

Our technicians have an average of 15 years of mac repair experience as Apple Certified Mac Technicians in Santa Rosa, CA.

Shawn Titen, formerly of MacNetworks in Santa Rosa, is now a valued member of our Apple Certified Mac Technician team. He comes to MacAdvantage with over 15 years experience as a certified mac technician and is highly respected by Mac users in Santa Rosa and throughout Sonoma County, CA. MacNetworks was the oldest Apple Authorized Service Provider in Santa Rosa until they closed in 2013.

Marissa has trained intensively for several years, both through Apple’s Certified Macintosh Technician program, and through advanced training via one on one mentoring with our expert Apple Certified Mac Technicians. She will be attending law school in the Fall.

Sklyer, Mac and Pc tech, and programmer, writes code allowing us to recover crucial customer data when other data recovery shops have failed. He recently completed

work on our temperature monitoring thermostat software, preventing overheating damage

on macs.

Sutter, a recent graduate of Tech High, comes with an excellent aptitude for all things technical. MacAdvantage guests love his one on one tutorials and remote support. Sutter’s father heads the computer department at SRJC.

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                 Tam and the rest of the staff at Mac Advantage have earned            our trust through expert knowledge, work ethic & integrity - refreshing calm amidst a crisis.                                 ~ Jeanette Wetenkamp, Production Director, Friedman's Home Improvement, Santa Rosa, Petaluma            click for more fully identified customer reviews

                    There is a reason Tam and company keep getting 5-star reviews. I brought them my iMac hard drive (found to be faulty at the Apple store) and Tam was able to recover ALL the data from it, on time and spot on our original estimate. Mac Advantage is now our "go-to" people when mac problems arise. I could not recommend them more highly.  ~ Capt. Glenn M, Virgin America, Yelp click for more aviation reviews

Mac Repair Experts: In 2003, Apple, Inc. recognized MacAdvantage as the #1 top Apple Authorized Business Agent in all of the San Francisco North Bay including Sonoma and Napa Counties - Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol. Apple named MacAdvantage one of the top seven Apple Authorized Business Agents worldwide. It is a distinction we still hold today. MacAdvantage began repairing and servicing Apple computers in 1997, the year Steve Jobs returned to Apple. Our techs have over 40 years combined mac repair experience.