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MacAdvantage is an anomaly in this age of corporate greed and outsourcing. A local company whose prime directive seems to be great service in a friendly and timely fashion at extremely reasonable rates, I would not hesitate to recommend them. ~ Jack Haye, Industrial Light & Magic; Burning Man         Click here for 100’s of fully identified reviews you can trust from Pixar, Virgin America, Friedman Brothers

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I’ve had really good experiences with you. I trust you. ~ Michael Hansen, Owner, Old Chicago Pizza, Petaluma, CA  more food and wine reviews

Friendly, honest & professional Apple certified mac technicians. I really appreciate the work Tam has done for us over the years  ~ Nicky Boyette, Executive Director, OADS

After moving to Oregon, we realized some things are just irreplaceable, and one is Tam. ~ Jim & Cheryl Levie, Levie Properties & Levie Construction, MacAdvantage Clients for 10 years!

I want you to know how much I respect your honesty. You could have easily charged me for data retrieval and no one would have known. My mac is running better now than when it was new. ~ Ted Lindquist, Police Detective, Ret. Petaluma, CA  

As always your Service was beyond wonderful. ~ Shirley Goodin, Business Consultant, ret., Cotati, CA

No one, with any business I come in contact with, is as good as, more reliable or as complete a pleasure to work with as with Tam. You guys have always been there when we needed you.  Cannot tell you how much that means to us.  Wouldn't go anywhere else for advice. ~ Bob Nugent, Fine Artist and Curator for the Imagery Estate Winery, Healdsburg, CA   more fine art reviews

Outstanding. Honest. Thanks Mac Advantage. ~ Joelle Budinsky, Cotati CA

I want you to know how much I appreciate you covering the warranty on the old hard drive even though it really was expired. Your personal and business integrity is really great and a breath of fresh air in today’s business climate. ~ Sean Connolly, Santa Rosa, CA

My computer is working great and I was very happy with your service. I have confidence that the solutions being offered are the best and most economic solutions intended to solve the problem not to create the biggest bill. In other words I trust you implicitly. Which is everything when dealing with technology in which I have very limited understanding. Of course the way that one assesses trustworthiness is very complex and subjective but, suffice it to say, for better or worse, you have passed my test!! ~ John Harrison, Baker, Alvarado St Bakery, San Francisco, CA

You’re a very ethical business! I want to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. At the end of the day, it’s only a machine. I’m glad I found you. ~ Jim Brandon, Petaluma, CA

My experience with MacAdvantage was excellent and I would compare it favorably to the best instances of technical support I have experienced with other companies (automotive, etc); particularly in those instances where minimizing my costs was valued over maximizing the service company's profits, even though my ignorance of the technology left me vulnerable. I highly value this kind of professional honesty and will confidently recommend and use MacAdvantage for Mac repair and service. ~ Matthew Wright, Prairie Sun Recording Studios  more music industry reviews

MacAdvantage, and Tam, have earned my gratitude and respect. MacAdvantage will be my first choice for any future Mac service I may need, and will have my very positive endorsement and recommendation for other Mac users. Thank you for your fine service! ~ Mark Grandy, Cloverdale, CA

I could tell Tam and MacAdvantage had excellent ethics when I saw his great response to a Yelp reviewer!

appreciate this very, very much. You are wonderful. ~ Don Rosenfield, Copywriter, Rosenfield Creative, Sausalito, CA

MacAdvantage is lean, instantly responsive, courteous and has integrity! It’s a joy dealing with you - something we can say only occasionally anymore! 

~  Laurie Singleton, Project Manager, Sonoma County Falls Prevention, Santa Rosa CA

The experience, short and sweet, couldn't have been better. I appreciate the service and honesty and will be back. ~ Dr. David Lawrence, M.D., Physician,

Geyserville, CA

Words cannot describe The Mac Advantage, but I'll try: Impeccable customer service. Pleasant interactions. Budget-scaled alternatives. Blazing fast turnaround. Tam, you're a wealth of knowledge - and way too humble. Seldom do you find integrity in business of this caliber. Apple Store, follow the teachings of The Mac Advantage. ~ Mike Hollibaugh, Artist, Petaluma CA

My experience with The MacAdvantage is wonderful. Great customer service . . . They say what they’ll do and do what they say. ~ Ann Joergenson, Teacher & Peace Promoter, Santa Rosa, CA

Your staff does not make me feel like an idiot like the other Apple Stores I've been to where there were a bunch of young people who either didn't have time to explain or didn't want to. I have used your service in the past & will use your service in the future. The service was very prompt. I like that you're a small business and can work one on one with someone. ~ Katja Svendsen, Naturalist, Environmental Educator, Sonoma County Regional Parks, Westminster Woods EE Program and Swim Instructor, Parkpoint Health Club

MacAdvantage has earned our trust through expert knowledge, work ethic & integrity - refreshing calm amidst a crisis. ~ Jeanette Wetenkamp, Production Director, Friedman's Home Improvement

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Without hesitation, I recommend Tam of MacAdvantage as an individual of character & integrity. ~ Walter Robb, Co-CEO & Director, Whole Foods Market