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Thanks for everything! We adore working with you . . . Cheers!  ~ Liz & Rich, Pembroke Studio, Healdsburg, CA

I don’t think I ever thanked you, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you sending me that link to get the working version of Toast on my computer... it works!!! I so appreciate your help! It works like a dream now, and forever grateful! You’re the best!! ~ Gabrielle Rosi, Senior Design Coordinator, Whole Foods Market

Amazing results from Tam today. I spent 3.5 hours on the phone yesterday, working with three different Geek Squad technicians who all tried to identify what was wrong with my Mac. The third one finally told me that I had a hardware problem that would be so expensive to fix that I should probably buy a new computer (even though my Mac is less than three years old). Tam was able to identify and fix my problem in 15 minutes. He then identified other problems that he also fixed (problems Is wan't even aware of). I am thrilled with Tam and MacAdvantage and will be using your service going forward. ~ Dan Zadra, CEO, Creative Director, Zadra Creative, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Thank you all so much. The new computer is working great. Got all my work done and can breath easy. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have you in my life to help me solve these problems. Your care and generosity are something I hold very dear. You always have the answers and I can’t tell you how much your calm demeanor helps me at times like these. ~ Jane Murphy, Jane Murphy Designs

OMG, I finally went into the Server Room today and for the first time ever when I put the monitor on the only thing I saw was a nice organized desktop and no error message. I can't tell you how happy I am. ~ Monica Becker, Project Manager / Designer, Pomegranate Communications Inc.

I bring my Mac to MacAdvantage because they just do it right. I use to chrome automotive parts. Recently I took a part to be chromed and I was asked do you want it show room chrome? Daily Driver chrome? or just chromed. When I was chroming I just did it right and chromed like the MacAdvantage just does it right.             ~ David Gavin, Antares Productions

Tam has made this conversion sooo easy it’s scary. I’m going to have a couple of beers & get really mushy about you on yelp. ~ Justin McAdams, Silkies Screen Painting

Please thank Tam again for helping me out with the database emergency. I know he had other appointments and that he squeezed us in. The good news is that now, thanks to Tam's instruction, I’ll know what to do for next time so I won’t be quite as panicked!  ~  Shannon Lemme, Project Manager / Designer, Pomegranate Communications, Inc.

Tam and his staff are just amazing. My hard drive had crashed in the morning, and my desperate call was handled with respect and care. I am self-employed and was facing a huge deadline for a major client. I was in and out on that very day with a new hard drive, fully restored data, a faster mac, and a great feeling that I had been treated with extra care and attention. I even received a follow-up call the next day. On top of that, the shop is clean and charming... it's hard to call a near-disaster a good experience, but it was. These outstanding reviews for MacAdvantage prove that customer service and superior technical knowledge are alive and well!  ~ Judith Marciante, Web Designer

I was extremely pleased with my experience at MacAdvantage. I was very pleased that Tam understood my "crisis" and promised to get my computer in and out the same day. I was treated with respect and understanding. Far superior... the shop is so clean and professional looking, and Tam is so calm and knowledgeable. Continue on with your great work! ~ Judith Marciante, Web Designer

Four words: I LOVE you guys!!!!  Thank you so much to Tam for his help and speed in resurrecting my laptop. You have actually made me think about how I can better serve my own clients... you really set a wonderful example. ~ Laurie Macmillan, Graphic Designer 

Thanks for the wonderful service. Tam's great! ~ Kathy Miller, Michael Miller Fabrics

Thank you for sending me the detailed receipt. I am happy with your service and follow up. I will use you again, but hopefully NOT in the near future!!! I will refer you to anyone who asks. ~ Blythe Omick, Graphic Designer, Artist

Thank all of you for your time and generosity to me. Tam took a long time with me over the phone patiently explaining some of my options. Brandon and Kevin were wonderful and never made me feel like the problem was trivial. Great customer service. Incomparable knowledge.Thank you all so much. I will definitely call back when I need service again, and I will recommend you to my friends and colleagues. ~ Cyndi Colzani, Graphic Designer

MacAdvantage is my security blanket. Knowing they are there gives me enormous confidence.                        ~ Toby Cowan, Performance Design Group

I wish that every Mac owner had a Tam or Brandon in their lives. Fortunately, I have had them for many years and I'm grateful. ~ Janet Lowy, Graphic Artist

I've always been pleased with my experience at MacAdvantage. I appreciate the friendly and prompt service of the staff and quick turn around time for repairs. I feel that Tam is very reasonable with his charges and makes an honest effort to provide solutions that work for my needs rather than just making a sale. It's nice to have a local shop I can trust with my mac. Keep up the good work! ~ Jason Ellis, Web Designer, Ellis Creation

Tam has been so great - I’ve worked with him for a long time - since when I was at Pomegranate. Brandon was so helpful the other day in regards to upgrading vs. replacing too. I was speaking with Dan Johnston at AJ Printing in Santa Rosa about buying a new mac and he said: You know who’s great? MacAdvantage in RP. ~ Terry McDonough, Graphic Designer, Cotati CA

Service is always wonderful! I have been going to Mac Advantage for years now starting with my Mac Quicksilver crashing (and them recovering it) to what I have now - a MacBook pro.  I have nothing, but glowing words for this business!  If you want friendly customer service, knowledgeable people who know Macs inside and out and timely service, then this is where you want to take your business. ~ Collette Michaud, Collette Michaud Design

Enclosed is a token of my appreciation for your telephone diagnosis of the MB Pro Video problem. Actually, it is not a token, it is payment for your time. I believe no matter how you dispense it, you should be paid for your time. ~ Joseph Casco, Yacht Design, Custom Construction, Chartering; Sierra marine, S.A. 

You guys are FANTASTIC! Nothing was wrong with my daughter’s computer, but I really found Tam's help excellent and he was wonderful to work with. With customer service like that, you can be sure that MacAdvantage will be my first call for all our computer needs. ~ Don Pasewark, Pasewark Creative, Art Direction, Design, Creative Management

You can bet I will keep sending people your way . . . I feel so lucky to have found you! ~ Karen Hanke, Illustrator, Pinklime Design 

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