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After moving to Oregon, we realized some things are just irreplaceable, and one is Tam. ~ Jim & Cheryl Levie, Levie Properties & Levie Construction, MacAdvantage Clients for over 10 years!

Tam always provides excellent much needed service. MacAdvantage you are a vital resource for my business. THANK YOU! ~ Ed J Roualdes Contractor, Ed’s Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Tam, you are the most wonderful person to me in the world! ~ Marty Zwick, Zwick Architects

We appreciate Tam very much. ~ Bonnie Stritzel, Construction, Taylor Mountain, Inc.

Tam was very helpful about which MB to purchase & with upgrading. ~ Jim Ghilotti, Ghilotti Construction, Petaluma, CA

I wouldn’t use any other tech for our macs! ~ Deb Rourke, North Coast Builders Exchange

My computer is awesome! It's been the best work day in months! I can finally get some things done in a timely way. You guys ROCK! Thanks for being so friendly and efficient. I'm glad you are there! ~ Kerrie Lee Cole, Green Roof Consultant, Symbios Eco-tecture

You guys were great. Fast smart and professional. I'll be back and will recommend you to my fellow Mac users. ~ Claudia Cleaver, Morse and Cleaver, Architects, Sebastopol, CA

Tam is great! This is the 2nd time we have asked him for help. He knows what he is doing and works quickly and efficiently. My husband and I will definitely use him again when needed. ~ Barbara Hauer, Hauer Construction

Everyone is so personable. ~ Michael Olexo, Hola Olexo Architecture & Landscape

I always appreciate your calm and steady focus in getting us "ironed out" in the computer world. Thanks for your time with the server setup. Much appreciated. ~ Bruce Hammond, CEO/LEED AP

Hammond & Company/ Hammond Fine Homes Sustainable Development & Construction Services

It was a sincere  pleasure doing business with you. The level of customer service from Tam and company was outstanding and so rare these days. I felt very well confident in the care that would be given to my situation and that it would be addressed in a timely manner. I strive in my own business to make my clients feel well taken care of and confident -  that the best service will be given them. So yours was deeply appreciated. I will use The MacAdvantage for any needs that arise with my personal and office computers and will have no reservation recommending you. ~ Kim Cottingham, President - CEO, Cottingham Mortgage, Gualala, CA

Enclosed is a token of my appreciation for your telephone diagnosis of the MB Pro video problem. Actually, it is not a token, it is payment for your time. I believe no matter how you dispense it, you should be paid for your time. ~ Joseph Casco, Yacht Design, Custom Construction, Chartering; Sierra marine, S.A. 

You guys were great!  ~ John Koene, Landscape Designer, Earthscapes; Air BnB Host, Muir Beach

Well considering Tam actually answered the phone---my experience was incredible. I had called 2 other Mac repair places and all I got was answering machines. Once I got there Tam tested my machine and found that the problem wasn't my hard drive, but a defective mouse, which cost wise, was a relief. He then said I could upgrade my RAM which I had been told earlier couldn't be done, by another repair shop, and then to top it of he was able to install back up----all at a reasonable rate. My mac is now running Great! And you're local. So, the experience was terrific! Excellent service!!! ~ Bill Titus, Contractor

Tam f*cking rocks!! ~ Phineas “Finny” Worthington, Sonoma, CA

Everything’s working great! You are continually raising the bar and I don’t know that there is any competition worthy of comparison to you, certainly not with regard to Mac repairs and consultation.  You totally met and exceeded my goals and always do. I seem to meet a new employee at every visit and they’ve all been super!  You somehow manage the person in front of you and the person on the phone with a courteous manner that makes both feel that they are receiving your undivided attention.~ Carl Bower, Industrial Coatings & Sales, Musician

Your MacAdvantage turnaround time was exceptional and the service experience was tops! I'll have suffer another computer calamity before I can suggest improvements, if then. ~ Richard A Keding, Architect

You’re a very ethical business! I want to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. At the end of the day, it’s only a machine. I’m glad I found you. ~ Jim Brandon, Petaluma, CA

MacAdvantage has earned our trust through expert knowledge, work ethic & integrity - refreshing calm amidst a crisis. ~ Jeanette Wetenkamp, Production Director, Friedman's Home Improvement

Please thank Tam for the support today. I really appreciate his help & support. ~ Ron Sutro, Construction, Santa Rosa, CA

You guys are the very best & I would not ever consider taking my computer to anyone else. Thank you so very much for providing the best service & caring staff. I appreciate you big time. ~ Mona Weiss, Property Manager & Standard of Excellence Home Appliances, Petaluma, CA

Tam is awesome. We’ve worked with him for a long time! ~ Marlena Campbell - Walker, Lindell Construction, Santa Rosa, CA 

Great follow-up, great email !! Thanks for the receipt. Left with an overall really good experience. Thanks for solving the problem, and finding the bad chips. I will be sending you everyone who I get in conversations with about MAC. Don’t have to wait till there is a problem.... I will ask them if they have heard of you and suggest you as resource & repair. Until next time... ~ Don Morshead, Realtor/Broker, Welcome Home Realty, Petaluma CA

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