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What does my AppleCare warranty cover and what will void my AppleCare warranty? The AppleCare Protection Plan provides global repair coverage, both parts and labor, from Apple authorized mac technicians around the world. What is covered: Your Mac computer, included accessories such as the power adapter, RAM, the logic board and other hardware including the hard drive - but not your personal data on it!

Data may be lost during warranty repair, so it is crucial that you have data backed up prior to taking in to the Apple Store for a repair. If you aren’t backed up, contact one of our Apple Certified Mac Techs to assist you in backing up data now. 707-664-0400

If I spill liquid in my MacBook Pro, will my AppleCare warranty cover the water damage repair? In a word: No

The AppleCare warranty does not cover liquid damage, and even a few drops can trigger the water sensors inside your Macbook Pro or MacBook Air, rendering your AppleCare Warranty invalid. At MacAdvantage, we have a dedicated MacBook Pro and Air water damage specialist among our team of Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians, giving you the greatest chance of a fully repaired MacBook at the lowest possible cost, and fastest turnaround time.

I dropped my MacBook Air, and now it isn’t working as well, it is running slowly, crashing and freezing. Will my AppleCare warranty cover this repair? Unlikely. MacBooks with sizable dents and dings are considered “abused” and the warranty is most often voided when a corner is bent in. Even if hardware is covered under the AppleCare warranty, your precious personal data - photos,

financial records, personal email or original creative works are not covered, and may be lost during a warranty repair. If you aren’t backing up onto a TimeMachine or other external hard drive or online back up service such as BackBlaze, please bring your computer in for us to back up your data and set up automated back up for you before you have any warranty repair work done to prevent loss of data.

Is my data covered under the Apple Care Warranty?

And will Apple recover my data if my hard drive fails under warranty?

No. The AppleCare warranty does not cover data, and Apple Genius

Technicians at the Apple Store in Santa Rosa, and all other Apple locations

do not perform data recovery,  even if it is lost during a warranty service. However, at MacAdvantage, our team of Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians and programmers have advanced training and proprietary tools allowing us to perform extensive data recovery on your Macbook Pro, Air, iMac, MacPro Tower, Mac Mini, or any other data storage device.

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